An Oregon transplant in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains, Karissa Hobbs has been singing and playing music for over a decade. From traveling with choral groups to sharing musical company with friends, Karissa is at home with verse and note. She delivers her poetry over the vibrations of her guitar, right to the very heart of the listener.

Age of Flowers is Karissa's full length debut album. It features tales of lovers, friendship, hearts on the mend, and romantic folly. The sound of meandering strings and warm vocals overlay threads of Americana and Folk to carry the listener through each song. It was lovingly crafted in the summer of 2015 at Inside Out Studio in Farmington, Arkansas.

A Special Thanks from Karissa

It's my hope that even if you don't care for folk (or whatever genre this is) that you take a chance and listen. The album was written over the course of 3 years and was inspired by real life. The songs are raw and relatable and maybe you'll find at least 1 that is relevant to you now or has been at some point. I could not have done this without the love, care, and dedication Jacob Phaneuf of Inside Out Studio in Farmington put into this project. He took my vision and made it reality. A very special thanks to Keyla Reed for the vocal lessons to keep my voice on point during recording, for inspiring me and becoming a life long friend. To Tracy Melchiori for challenging me to do this, talking me up when I lacked confidence to push through, her amazing creativity with the photography and album design, and just being a badass in general. To my mom and dad, Kathie Wallace-Henry and Frank Henry for being my number 1 fans, being a safe place I can be "me", for a lways being honest, introducing me to my love of music, and always encouraging my dreams. Thank you to my people, my soulmates: Christopher M Hobbs, Sara Rose Wood, Philip Raines, Lacey Riley Tiffany Bennettfor all that you do, and have ever done. Thank you to all of those who have supported me.


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